Traditional Advertising

Discover The Power of Full-Scope Traditional Advertising

Are newspapers, magazines, TV and radio still worth the money? The quick answer is “maybe.”  These traditional forms of advertising still make sense for some clients and can be very effective, but a lot depends on your targeting, your messaging, and your budget.


When it comes to types of advertising, Summit knows there’s no “one size fits all” plan. Instead of focusing on one form of advertising over another, we’ll craft an advertising plan that reaches your target audience and gets the results you need.  

We have long-standing relationships with many different types of media outlets, including print, TV, and radio. As part of your marketing package, we can create radio spots, write press releases, develop ads for TV, and more. Whether it makes good marketing sense to use these traditional forms of advertising exclusively, as a part of a broader marketing package, or not at all will depend on the needs of your business. You can be assured that no matter what plan we suggest, we’re always looking out for your best interests!

Don’t just guess which form of advertising is right for your business — know for sure. Summit is here to help you create a results-driven plan that will reach the right audience with advertising that works.